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Speakeasy proud to announce strategic alignment agreement with 9line

Today, Speakeasy Marketing is very proud to announce that we have agreed to strategically align with 9line, a web design and hosting company. Priding themselves on simple web design and hosting service, 9line has built websites for the likes of OPM, Arron Crascall, MNO Records and The Friends of Dover Castle. Not only this, but they share similar principles to Speakeasy’s ‘worthy cause’ ethos, as they frequently design websites free of charge for charities, musicians and the like. It is this, as well as the close bond Speakeasy and 9line share with each other as fellow start-ups, that makes this alignment a perfect fit. “I’m very proud, and frankly honoured, to partner up with 9line”, said Lew Williams, Founder of Speakeasy Marketing. “They are an upfront, transparent company, who are in business for the same reason we are - to make a difference to people’s lives and ventures. To align with them not only gives us the confidence to do what we do, but also the opportunity for both firms to help each other out during these uncertain times and beyond.” Here is what Dean Colling-Baugh, Director of 9line, had to say: “I am excited to have formed a partnership with Speakeasy Marketing, they share so many principles which make this a perfect partnership. It is a pleasure to work with them as they will be able to provide many of our clients with valuable marketing services that will help build their client base and exposure, while we look forward to being able to assist any of their clients with any web design or hosting needs.” For more information on 9line and their top-of-the-line capabilities, click here to visit their website.

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