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What is our 'worthy cause' ethos?

Something you may or may not know about Speakeasy is that we have what I like to call a 'worthy cause' ethos. But what the devil is it?

I started Speakeasy right before Coronavirus took hold of our lives and turned them on their collective heads. Not the greatest timing, sure, but life works in strange ways. My timing has never been perfect, anyway - just ask my Mother or observe my golf swing. Awful.

That being said, I've wanted to start my own business for as long as I can remember. Why? A multitude of reasons. But one that has always stuck in my head since my teenage years is that I've never responded well to authority; a plethora of my ex-managers and ex-VPs will testify to that, I'm sure. Jeez, even my old cricket captains wouldn't mind chucking in their two cents, here.

So being able to call myself my own boss is frankly a little pleasurable, even in these testing times for small businesses, especially.

But I digress. I have always said that when I would eventually work for myself, cash monies would not be the mitigating factor. If I just wanted money, I would've remained in my cushy (yet stressful), 9-to-5 grind at a multinational company, holding down a Big Smoke salary without the long, sweaty commute. I've always said that I wanted to give something back, and what better time than now.

Here at Speakeasy, we work as close to cost as possible for charities, as well as for-profit businesses that we deem to be a 'worthy cause'. This could be anything, there is no set definition. But if you and your business are making a difference in the community, promoting the plights on the downtrodden... Man, even if you're a hairdressers who offers free haircuts to the homeless or those on Universal Credit, these are worthy causes in our eyes.

For me, you need to give a little to get a little. Not all of us get things handed to us on a plate.

As a race, I believe, or I certainly like to think, that humans are naturally generous and humble. That's right, I'm speaking to you! But perhaps it's time to let it be known the good you give.

It's down to our discretion, sure. But it doesn't hurt to ask. Don't ask, don't get. Drop us a message via our Contact Form or even on Facebook and let's have a chinwag about how Speakeasy can help you and your worthy cause during these testing times and beyond.

Look after yourself and yours, stay safe, and always #SpeakEasySquire.

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